Downpipes from Keller Performance

Sure we all love horses. And having a lot of horses is never enough. Upgrading a downpipe on your exotic vehicle is a great way to find your horses some mates. The idea behind it is quite simple. Since turbocharger is basically a pump, it is important for the pipes entering & exiting the turbo to have a free airflow. Unfortunately, the default exhaust pipes coming in & out of our beloved turbo have numerous bends. Even worse, the preset cat on almost every vehicle out there is very restrictive, forcing our cars to suffocate brutally. An upgraded downpipe allows the turbo to move out gases away from the turbine more efficiently, meaning more power and better fuel economy for your vehicle. And a major bonus – Keller Performance downpipes also will give your exotic car a much louder, more aggressive sound thanks to the enhanced airflow and a build of our downpipes.

To sum up all the benefits of getting an upgraded downpipe:

  • An upgraded downpipe eliminates unnecessary bends, increasing the power of your turbo.
  • Makes your exotic car significantly more fuel efficient.
  • Your car will stop sounding like a Prius.
  • Extra attention and racing recognition are guaranteed.

Larger downpipes may be another thing to consider too. Turbos work on pressure difference, the higher the pressure difference the quicker the spin & flow. The larger downpipe will create less backpressure, therefore increasing the pressure difference at the turbo. If you’re looking for a large downpipe, make sure to contact us and learn more about our inventory.

Whether you are looking for a premium high-flow catted or catless downpipe, we will not disappoint you. Keller Performance offers high-quality downpipes for such exotic makes as Aston Martin, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, McLaren, Ferrari, and Lamborghini. So, if you are looking for either a Lamborghini Urus downpipe, BMW M8 downpipe, McLaren 720S downpipe, or Mercedes-Benz C300 downpipe – you can rely on us. Our skilled craftsmen and the latest 3D printing technology will surpass the default quality of the automaker. From the quality of the material used to craft the downpipe to ensuring the proper fitment of the downpipe on your exotic vehicle – Keller Performance guarantees an experience like no other. Open-up a flow, open up the new dimensions!